Final match: Volokitin wins!

Andrei Volokitin became the winner of Donostia chess festival. In the final match he defeated Viktor Laznichka with 2:0 score. The match was very tough and pressure became so high that Czech player just simply forgot about time in one of the games where he played with Black. The rook ending was equal and few moves earlier Andrei Volokitin proposed a draw which was declined by Viktor Laznichka. After the accident with time Czech Grand Master was not able to concentrate on the other game any more and blundered an exchange few moves later. Andrei Voliktin grabs 20000 euro and big motorbike.
In the B-group two leaders Antoaneta Stefanova and Vera Gonzalez-Quevedo Reynaldo made a quick draw which suited their tournament position. Few more players, who were half a point behind, managed to win in the last round and joined the group of the prize-winners. As a result Sergey Fedorchuk became a winner of the C-group.