B-group: round 3 report

The players who have been knocked out from A-group joined the players from B-group and had to play the third round of B-tournament on 31st of December. Few GMs who lost their chances to stay in A-group cancelled their participation. Top seed of B-tournament GM Loek Van Wely had a rest day because of odd number of participants. Third round didn’t bring too many surprises – most of rating favourites took an upper hand on their opponents. The intense struggle was in the match Sarhan Gashimov-Sergey Fedorchuk. Azeri player made two draws and even had chances to finish the match on his favour as in the second classical game he had promising position with an exchange up.  The match was decided on tie-breaks – Sergey Fedorchuk was stronger in rapid and won the match with 1.5:0.5 score. Alejandro Hoffman won against Nicolas Brunner in rapid. French players Fabien Libiszewsky and Axel Delorme made two quick draws in classical games and let the match to be decided on tie-breaks. The match was decided only in Armageddon as all previous rapid and blitz matches were drawn. Armageddon games also consist of two blitz games, played simultaneously. Fabien Libiszewsky had Black pieces and 5 minutes in both games against his compatriot Axel Delorme who had White pieces and 6 minutes and had to score 1.5 points in the match in order to win. Alex Delorme lost the first game on time and immediately resigned in the second one as the match was already lost.  Both players showed a very exciting performance which will be possible to check online soon.

Players who lost their matches today will be redirected to C-tournament.

The next rounds of A, B and C tournaments will be held on 2nd of January 2012 at 3 p.m.

Happy New Year!